Hire Costumes, Props, Furniture & Set Pieces

Costumes For Jekyll and Hyde The Musical

Costumes For Jack and the Beanstalk

GTG has a wide range of quality costumes, props, furniture and set pieces for hire.


Costumes include pantomime Cow, Dorothy from 'Wizard of Oz', Good and Bad Fairy from 'Sleeping Beauty'. Pantomime Dame dresses - including a Christmas tree and tin of beans.


We also have sets of chorus costumes - including 'Aladdin', 'Sleeping Beauty', 'Jack and the Beanstalk', 'Jekyll & Hyde the Musical' - all at very reasonable rates.


Costumer hire - contact Carol Gallacher: carolat11@btinternet.com

Please note: we do not hire out single costumes.


Prop hire - contact Liz Payne: telephone 01306 628156 / lizpayne76@btinternet.com

Please note: Liz hires props from her father's private collection. The late Mike Payne was an integral part of GTG and he built up a wonderful collection of props over the years.


Furniture and set piece hire - please click here to complete the General Enquiries box.