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Based in Godalming, Surrey, England, GTG is the biggest community theatre company in the area. We usually produce three main productions a year in the Spring, Autumn and Christmas.

We stage our musicals and Christmas shows at the comfortable and professionally run Ben Travers Theatre at Charterhouse School, Godalming. We provide training for young people through our Youth Theatre Group.


GTG is a registered charity managed by an experienced and dedicated team of volunteers.


You will all be aware of the effect Covid-19 has had on professional theatre. It’s tragic in terms of human misfortune. Unfortunately, the pandemic has brought community theatre to a similar standstill.


Unable to rehearse together and with nowhere to perform in a secure environment under pandemic regulations, our Spring musical, High Society, had to be postponed until April of next year (fingers crossed).


The Autumn play, as you know it has been through a transformation (see below) and we have had to cancel our pantomime. All VERY disappointing for everyone.


Our youth group, GYTG, has started meeting again – to full capacity – and with great enthusiasm following the relaxation of rules regarding the activities of educational and charitable organisations. 

AND with the advent of Zoom and other social media platforms, we have been able to keep in touch and keep our spirits up with events such as a spoken word recital; play-readings; weekly quizzes and even a virtual AGM, which was a huge, nostalgic success.

 Necessity – the Mother of Invention! –  GTG FIRSTS! 

OCTOBER 2020    


Our Autumn play TWO by Jim Cartwright, went ahead! We rehearsed online and then the cast of  talented actors were professionally filmed under social-distancing rules. We uploaded the 70-minute film so that people could watch it online for one day only - on Saturday 30th October - by special arrangements with the license holder.


We also ran an appeal to the viewers of TWO for donations to the Godalming & Villages Community Store. This raised over £3,000! 

See below, for photos and reviews of TWO. 



The wheels are already in motion for more adventures – contact us if you’d like to be the first in the queue to hear more!



As a non-profit-making organisation, money is not our driving force. But we still have considerable outgoings. We are, therefore, exceptionally grateful for Friends’, Patrons’ and Members’ subscriptions during this challenging period.  And, we continue to welcome new people wanting to get involved – with whatever is next on the horizon!

Of course, we look forward to the time when restrictions ease sufficiently for GTG to return wholeheartedly to its aim of bringing live theatre to the community. 


Meanwhile, we will do everything we can to maintain the spirit that is Godalming Theatre Group.


Here are just a few of the comments from viewers:

I was very impressed with the standard of the recording - the filming and sound were both excellent. Although it cannot replace the joy of 'live theatre', it certainly was a good replacement during these strange times.

The actors were all very good indeed. The quality of the filming was outstanding. Please count me in should another production be presented this way.


Excellent acting, good script and the right length. Lovely to see familiar faces on the TV.  Would love you to do another production in this format. 


It was like watching a BBC Play for Today. I was completely absorbed and every characterisation was portrayed believably and with expertise. Congratulations on a tour de force! 

Very professional in all departments!

The acting was excellent and made us quite emotional at the end. Thank you to the actors and the production team.

If the pandemic carries on, we hope, maybe, you would be able to do something else.

Click here to read the review by NODA

the National Operatic and Dramatic Association

Featuring Ben Dray as Landlord and Anna Twaits as Landlady

Directed by Spencer Cummins, Filmed and Edited by Keith Thomas, Sound by Mike Wheeler


The Mayor of Godalming invited GTG to contribute to a virtual exhibition in Godalming's French twin town of Joigny. In The Wings, written by GTG member Nell Rayner, is an expression of our time during the pandemic.



The late Desmond Holt founded The Youth Centre Theatre Group in 1964.


The productions became grander and the "youth" got older, and so eventually the group was renamed Godalming Theatre Group (GTG).


GTG is known for producing some of the finest community theatre in Surrey. 


Our season is built around a major spring musical, an autumn play, and a Christmas pantomime or show. 


Managed by experienced volunteers, we aim for professional standards and invest in challenging and adventurous productions. These are staged mainly at the Ben Travers Theatre, Charterhouse School, Godalming.


Many of our past drama productions have won festival awards for directing, acting or technical excellence. We have staged Old Time Music Halls and Musical Reviews across southern England, and we have performed in Augusta, USA, and also in Godalming’s twin towns, Mayen in Germany and Joigny in France. 


Anyone over the age of 14 is welcome to join GTG. Performers audition for each production; other members are involved in administration, technical support or backstage.


We run a weekly Youth Theatre Group for people from age 12 to 21. 


They learn performing skills, take part in workshops and master classes, perform green room productions, and go on theatre visits and backstage tours. Many of them take part in GTG's main productions.


Performers aged 16 or under are subject to the same licensing laws as professional theatre. In our case, they are licensed by Surrey County Council and are in the care of registered chaperones during performances. GTG provides an excellent grounding for people who want to venture into professional theatre. Some have gone on to full time training and are now working in the profession.


GTG is a Registered Charity:1131714. GTG is a member of NODA (National Operatic and Dramatic Association).

Ben Elton is President of GTG

He performed in a number of our productions in his youth; most notably as the Artful Dodger in Oliver!

Major sponsor of GTG

We are extremely lucky to receive direct financial support each year from the Haines Watts Group. Matthew Farrant and his colleagues enthusiastically support every production. We really appreciate their active role in helping keep community theatre alive and thriving.






Anyone can audition for a GTG production. Principal and ensemble performers are equally as important in our productions.


We cast people who can give full commitment to rehearsals and have the passion and energy to deliver a great performance.

We usually cast people of all ages for the ensemble, although not all productions are suitable for children below the age of 16.

Principal performers are cast according to their ability and skills, as well as experience and looks.




Spring musical and Christmas show rehearsals are usually every Monday and Wednesday evening, and some Sundays. They take place at the Wilfrid Noyce Community Centre, Godalming.

Autumn play rehearsals are usually every Tuesday and Thursday evening, and some Sundays. They take place at various local venues. 




We stage our Spring musical and Christmas productions at the Ben Travers Theatre, Charterhouse School, Godalming, Surrey.  It is a professionally run theatre with audience seating for approximately 240. We stage our autumn plays at Prior's Field Theatre, Godalming. 


Membership fees

Anyone performing in a GTG production pays a membership fee. Membership fees help to offset the cost of running GTG and staging our productions - including general administration, rehearsals, and insurance for everyone performing or working backstage. In some productions there may be an additional charge for script hire or purchase.


There are plenty of jobs to do in a GTG production, including scenery construction and painting, stage crew, lighting or sound crew, costumes, props, make-up, child chaperones.

Contact us to find out more!



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Treasure Island132

GYTG is the youth section of Godalming Theatre Group


The Godalming Youth Theatre Group meets every Wednesday evening from 6.30pm - 7.45pm during school term time, at the Wilfrid Noyce Community Centre, Crown Court Car Park, Godalming, Surrey.

We aim to provide training and education in every aspect of theatre. Classes are run by experienced members of Godalming Theatre Group, and are supplemented by sessions run by professionals in their field. When time and other commitments permit, the Youth Group aims to perform in local Drama Festivals and stage 'Green Room' productions.

GYTG members are aged between 12 and 21. Entry is by audition. As well as enjoying the weekly classes, members can audition for any production staged by Godalming Theatre Group where juvenile characters are required. They can also enjoy any of the group's social activities.

Classes and Workshops

  • Acting

  • Singing

  • Dancing

  • Acting for camera

  • Stage fighting

  • Make-up

We also organise

  • Theatre trips

  • Backstage tours

  • Green room productions

  • Perform in GTG shows

How to join GYTG


If you live within a 20 mile radius of Godalming and would like to find out more about joining GYTG, please complete the form below and click 'send'. This will send an email to the GYTG leaders David Dray and Madeline Gibb, who will respond to you as soon as possible. If you are under 18 years of age, you must have your parent's permssion to apply. 

If your application is successful, you will be asked to pay a membership subscription.

Contact GYTG



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About joining GTG, auditions, helping in a production, hiring furniture or set pieces, or any other enquiry.

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GTG is a Registered Charity:1131714  | GTG is a member of NODA (National Operatic and Dramatic Association)